gaga over polaroid

When in 2008 Polaroid announced that it will discontinue its production of instant film, it was an end of an era. Loyal fans feverishly stocked up on precious film; and when it ran out, had to settle on using phone camera apps that emulated the vintage look and feel of a Polaroid.

Luckily, in an effort to revive and spring the brand into the digital age, Polaroid hired Lady Gaga as its artistic director. And she definitely did not disappoint.

Art and technology collide in these GL20s sunglasses/camera, where a wearer can take pictures or video and instantly display on the glasses. Available this summer, the price has not yet been announced.

But I’m more excited about Polaroid’s another new product–GL30 (also Lady Gaga’s contribution), which is an instant-print digital camera. Users can take multiple digital images and choose the one they want to print via a pop up LCD screen. To learn more and watch the announcement video click here.


making of four bowls

There is something entrancing about observing a process of creation. This video demonstrating how bowls are made into reality from a 3-d digital sketch on a CNC mill, an automated/computer-controlled mill, is no exception. Mister Geppetto would be proud…

a higher dimension

It’s always a treat when fashion embraces technology in innovative ways, as we saw with runway shows by Viktor & Rolf and YSL. This time, continues to push the boundaries by using their 888 Madison flagship store as the backdrop for some serious 4D business. 4d experience


game crazy

There was a time when my sister, cousin and I spent hours playing our Nintendo Super Mario Brothers. It was innocent fun: no killing, no stabbing, no blood. The only violence we inflicted in this virtual realm was squashing mobile mushrooms. Those were the wholesome days.

old school super mario brothers

Photographer Robbie Cooper recorded children of today’s generation during their video game sessions to capture the intensity of their interaction with the “worlds that aren’t real.” And intense they are. Exclaiming, “How do you like bullets?” or “Come back here, let me stab you” or “Ha ha, you gonna get knifed,” these kids are truly immersed in the moment. A boy below, lost in his world, stares at the screen without blinking, filling his eyes with tears. . . We’ve definitely come a long way from collecting golden coins. Watch video here.




(via nytimes)

zuning in

Didn’t have much time to explore, but apparently, Zune has created a forum where artists could share their ideas and present their work. 


But that’s not the point of this post… Check out the ad that drives to this site! Both gross and poetic, this piece was created by Sibling Rivalry, “two very well experienced, self proclaimed viral advertising professionals.” (via




genius procrastination

This fall marks my last (if all goes well) semester at grad school. But before my classmates and I rejoice, we’re tasked to write and defend a monster of a final project. Which of course, in my anxiety-driven mind, has given me numerous reasons to procrastinate and focus on something trivial.

Apart from reading people’s status updates on Facebook (Monica is crossing her fingers for tomorrow!!; Nicole is breathless…; Ellen is chillin; Naomi is going to vote and get a free vibrator, etc), I’ve been obsessed with iTunes’ Genius. 

When I had an intense need to find THE album that would help me concentrate on my paper, Genius never failed and introduced me to pretty awesome artists. I’ve been banging out my paper page by page while grooving to Quantic, Little People, Tosca, and Urbs, all thanks to Genius. I love it how with this type of technology it’s so much easier to shape your own music taste and expand your music horizons. Now, where was I with my project….

shalom shalom shalom

Remember the guys who did a backwards runway show? The same guys who designed an upside down champaign bottle? Well, this fall, Viktor & Rolf gave us another reason to marvel over their creative deviance. 

During Paris fashion week, the Dutch designer duo forwent producing a real fashion show and instead created their own virtual runway with one and only Shalom Harlow. A viewer is almost fooled into thinking that this is simply a stomping army of homogenous, yet gorgeous, models who happen to look like the supermodel. Whether you like the collection or not, this “one girl one runway” concept still carries their signature wink.