posture child

My dear mother–a lady to the core, herself a daughter of another genuine lady–has always wanted me to stand and sit upright (a must for any lady in the making). I’m sad to report that her lady-making business with me is still a work in progress…However, there’s hope with this interactive underwear, Ergoskin, designed by Talia Elena Radford Cryns. Whenever the wearer slouches (as I am right at this moment), tiny sensors which are woven into the fabric send ergonomic signals to the skin to move the body into ideal posture. The concept received Austria’s National Design Award in the student work category. Until Ergoskin is actually produced, I’m gonna have to rely on one of these.


absolut audio

So, remember how I blogged about Absolut Vodka music machines that take your melody, which you enter on your computer, and improvise it on the spot? I just received an email with a video that plays my tune (a tune I used to bang on every piano that came across my path). It’s quite beautiful and still hard to comprehend its technical geniality (at least in my simple mortal mind) of how it was able to receive data from my computer and play it live.


If BBC considers you the next best contemporary artist after Matthew Barney, then everyone else ought to listen. After seeing her on coolhunting, I’ve been obsessively googling Saskia Olde Wolbers and reading tons of articles about her work.

Her videos are truly stunning. Her stories are intricate, poignant and intelligent. But what really amazed me was the fact that all her sets are made by hand. After watching the videos, it’s hard to imagine that whatever looks digitally rendered is created from scratch and takes years to build in some cases. Who knew that it takes a lot of human effort to look this techno!

See for yourselves:

Saskia Olde Wolbers’s handmade sets:

watch it!

I’m totally into my Nixon watch. It’s ever present on my wrist and never fails to please the crowd. Needless to say, my shoe addiction is not the only vice…Well, imagine how my greedy little heart started to palpitate when I saw these gorgeous watches featured on Yanco Design (the best online mag for latest design projects!). My materialistic spasm came to a sudden halt when I realized that these were only conceptual renderings…as in you-have-to-wait-till-2030. Rest assured, I’m ready to wait for these gems…

Designer: John Pszeniczny

Designer: Robin Lapo Bigio & Olivero Zanon

herbie fully loaded

While having a major Saturday morning vegg out session, I stumbled upon an awesome documentary about legendary jazz musician Herbie Hancock. In Herbie Hancock Possibilities, cameras follow Herbie’s collaborative music making, as he jams with Stevie Wonder, Sting, John Mayer, Christian Aguilera, Paul Simon, John Patitucci, Annie Lennox, Joss Stone, Angelique Kidjo, Damien Rice, Raul Midon, Johnny Lang. Maybe it was my hormones or maybe it was the beautiful music, but I shed a tear or two.

However, my point is this. Herbie Hancock was one of the first musicians to merge new technology and music (who will ever forget Rockit?). But this video is my favorite. Herbie at his best, doing major music voodoo with his state of the art (by 1974 standards) synthesizer.

talk to the wrist

I am not really sure what these electronic bracelets actually do, but according to their creator, Leah Buechley a Ph.D. student in Computer Science, these sassy LED accessories function as “motion-sensing, communicating wearable displays. Each bracelet contains an accelerometer that senses wrist movement and a Bluetooth module for wireless communication. They can interact with laptops, PDAs and cell phones as well as each other and other wearables.” Whoa! Pretty high tech for my simple mortal mind…but pretty, without a doubt.

Watch a video demonstration on how these creations work here.

hot but bothered

Though completely swept away by its beauty, I’m just a tad bothered by the blatant leap between art and commerce in Prada’s animated short, Trembled Blossoms. Conceived as wallpaper for Prada stores, this collaboration between 2×4 and illustrator James Jean was animated via motion-capture technology and latest animation techniques.

Totally gorgeous, I know…But the story of fantastical journey could have kept its magic by keeping the artistic gesture and commercialism far apart.

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