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I loved reading this article in New York Magazine’s LOOK issue discussing a commentary written by the NYTimes‘ fashion critic Cathryn Horyn who is bothered by the idea that in this day and age of instant information flow runway shows are still being produced for the eyes of select few. 

“Why not let the Internet’s instantaneousness be a virtue, a good new business practice? Why can’t editors, retailers, and critics watch the shows on their own time, from the comfort of their Wi-Fi-enabled couches? End the celebrity scrum, the painfully long waits, the jet lag, and the excessive carbon footprint.”

Although NY Mag’s writer Janet Ozzard agrees with Horyn’s approach to democratizing fashion through instant online access, she still would like to hold on to the magic of being part of the excitement.

And who can blame her? Just imagine witnessing Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel mary-go-round runway show in person as opposed to seeing it online:

Or seeing the giant Chanel jacket set with your own eyes  (and feeling totally dwarfed and insignificant):

And if fashion shows were to move to the internet, would designers be motivated to produce grand-scale productions such as this?

Caption for photo below from New York Look: In Person: Alexander McQueen’s fall show, left, was a spine-tingler for the few hundred who saw it live. On Screen: Hussein Chalayan’s elegant spring-summer video, right, is there for anyone sitting in front of a computer. (Photo: Chris Moore/Catwalking/Getty Images)


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