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Documenting performance art can be tricky. Although the piece is meant for the moment in which it’s taking place, an artist needs to preserve that fleeting moment for archival purposes (for the benefit of all art lovers, i think). Until now, performance art has been documented in photos, videos, catalogs, and viewers’ memories. However, in our Internet day and age, art “archiving” is taking place in the blogosphere.

Take Robyn Okrant, for example, a performance artist and writer who is living a year of her life according to Oprah. Her everyday decisions are made based on what Oprah tells her viewers to do on her show and in her magazines. Okrant then writes about her life on her blog: living Oprah. It’s quite funny, yet disturbing how what she’s doing as an art experiment is actually what some Oprah followers do with full sincerity and intent. 

Interview with Okrant in NYTimes.


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