swept away

Apologies for my lengthy blogging hiatus. During the past few weeks, I’ve been happily congregating with my family in my Motherland, Mongolia. As always, my soul is rejuvenated and my batteries are recharged. And as always, I rediscovered my country’s beauty.

Having lived in the States for almost a decade and having witnessed the “green movement” craze; I forgot that the purest forms of eco-conscious, sustainable living has always been a part of everyday life in deeply rural parts of Mongolia. And when I say eco-conscious, I’m not talking about demonstratively stuffing walls with jeans and repurposing a surfing board as a coffee table to call it “earth-friendly.”

What I was reminded during my trip to Bayan Ulgii, a western province of Mongolia, was how it is possible to lead a life that is in balance with surrounding nature and is waste free, where each household item has a function(s), where virtually everything is recycled and reused, and how it can take very little to be happy.

Solar panels kept electricity going at night.

These wall ornaments were embroidered with thread from old sweaters.

Free roaming husbandry, anyone?

From the tip of its horn to the bottom of its hind hoof, everything on this goat serves a purpose.


A sheep about to fulfill one of its many purposes…yum.