a cure for lonely birthdays

I’m always amazed with how technology can create both alienation and community. A friend of mine once put it really well, “I have loads of friends on facebook yet no one to share a pint with.” I wonder if Tila Tequila, the most popular girl on myspace, ever feels lonely.

A Swedish artist Jimpalt was feeling pretty lonely with no one to sing him “Happy Birthday” on his special day. Driven by his need for at least an illusion of human connection, he created a software that wakes you up with a birthday song. Once your birthday is gone, the program continues to count down to next year’s date to wake you up once again. If your birthday is coming up with no one by your side, click here to download the program. : (


happy birthday to me….


not so sleepy holo

In my hunt for tech-related fashion content for this blog, I’ve searched a ton of this year’s NY Fashion Week shows to no avail. I was hoping to find a collection that would surpass Diesel’s amazing presentation from October of last year. Titled “Liquid Space,” it weaved holographic images of marine creatures with models strutting down the runway.

…a memorable sensory feast that elevated Diesel as a brand ahead of the pack.

beyond the need to feel the speed

Finally, some automakers are breaking away from their usual advertising formula (i.e. make the viewers feel like they’re driving the car) to a more cerebral and artful approach.

By creating meaningful connections between the two concepts of art and technology, both Honda and Audi surprise us on a much deeper emotional level…

Honda FCX Clarity: Problem Playground

Audi 4A: Strings

popping blog cherries and smell bubbles

Welcome to my first blogging endeavor! In this little corner of the www, I’ll be discussing how artists, designers, writers, choreographers, and other artsy types are incorporating technology into their craft.

I’ll cover–among many other things–how hip graphic designers are setting up flickr accounts to flaunt their aesthetic taste, how an acclaimed American poet became the master of the blogosphere, and how iPhone fanatics are expressing their creativity.

Which brings me to my first post… Apparently, some clothes can make you feel good. Literally. This Smart Second Skin Dress works with your body scent to “deliver a spray of magic wellness molecules to create [your] own personal ‘smell bubble’.” A net of biosensors that runs through the fabric communicates with your body heat and smell to produce a scent that can make you less crabby, give you energy, and help you stay alert (no 4 pm coffee runs, that’s fo sho!).