game crazy

There was a time when my sister, cousin and I spent hours playing our Nintendo Super Mario Brothers. It was innocent fun: no killing, no stabbing, no blood. The only violence we inflicted in this virtual realm was squashing mobile mushrooms. Those were the wholesome days.

old school super mario brothers

Photographer Robbie Cooper recorded children of today’s generation during their video game sessions to capture the intensity of their interaction with the “worlds that aren’t real.” And intense they are. Exclaiming, “How do you like bullets?” or “Come back here, let me stab you” or “Ha ha, you gonna get knifed,” these kids are truly immersed in the moment. A boy below, lost in his world, stares at the screen without blinking, filling his eyes with tears. . . We’ve definitely come a long way from collecting golden coins. Watch video here.




(via nytimes)


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