bedtime story

When was the last time you fell asleep to a bedtime story? Though it’s been ages for me, I still can hear my grandpa’s warm and gentle voice reading Mongolian fairy tales and lulling me to sleep.

For all those wanting to regress back to that cozy place, artist Susana Mendes Silva offered a bedtime story read through SKYPE (an internet phone service). Her performance piece required the following: participants sent her an email with date, time and if they wanted to hear their story in English or Portuguese. At the time of story-telling, participants were instructed to listen via skype headphones hooked up to their computer, in the dark and preferably in bed. The artist would then read the story for up to 30 minutes. 

What’s amazing about this concept is the amount of trust required to take place between listeners and the artist. Although technology offers complete anonymity and distance during this performance, by allowing a stranger into an intimate moment listeners are placing themselves into a vulnerable state–fully trusting that nothing shady can ever happen.