popping blog cherries and smell bubbles

Welcome to my first blogging endeavor! In this little corner of the www, I’ll be discussing how artists, designers, writers, choreographers, and other artsy types are incorporating technology into their craft.

I’ll cover–among many other things–how hip graphic designers are setting up flickr accounts to flaunt their aesthetic taste, how an acclaimed American poet became the master of the blogosphere, and how iPhone fanatics are expressing their creativity.

Which brings me to my first post… Apparently, some clothes can make you feel good. Literally. This Smart Second Skin Dress works with your body scent to “deliver a spray of magic wellness molecules to create [your] own personal ‘smell bubble’.” A net of biosensors that runs through the fabric communicates with your body heat and smell to produce a scent that can make you less crabby, give you energy, and help you stay alert (no 4 pm coffee runs, that’s fo sho!).



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  1. I can think of nothing better than clothes that give me a shot of energy and make me happier. I’d love it if they could also produce some slight smell to counter farts, too (sorry to be crass, but as a guy, this would be AWESOME!)

    This is like the hypercolor clothes, though, right?! I mean, will this technology translate to all my favorite designers, too?

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